Why work with ME

I'm a Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) and Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) with a Bachelor of Business Administration.  I worked for several years in Human Resources before moving into the career development field.  For part of my career, I worked as a Recruiter which gave me valuable insight into the hiring process. 

What sets me apart from other resume writers is how well I listen to you. My clients often find their own words interwoven into their job search documents.  One of my clients recently messaged me about his cover letter, saying that it was impressive how it reflected his unique background and skills while being professional and personable. I love that. My goal is to reflect the best parts of who you are. 

I also write to reflect your personality. In an increasingly competitive job market, skills and qualifications are important, but employers can afford to be picky. They want employees who fit their corporate culture.  Whether it's your resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile, let me help you represent who you are in an authentic, professional way. 

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