The details

We are looking forward to a respectful, productive working relationship.  Please read through these terms and conditions before engaging in a service.    

Timeframes and Response Times

Once you have completed your information gathering meeting, you will receive your first document within 4-5 days.  If you require multiple documents, Career Story will provide you with an estimated timeframe depending on document complexity and workflow. Career Story and Kristin Vandegriend will do their utmost to ensure you get your documents in a timely fashion. Punctuality is important to us. Rush orders may be subject to additional charges.

You will have one week to provide feedback on the edits you require. Requested edits will be completed within two days. Beyond the one week window, neither Career Story nor Kristin Vandegriend is responsible for making any additional edits to your documents. If you do not provide input on edits, we will send you the final documents.

We endeavour to respond to all phone calls and emails within 24 hours except for evenings, weekends, and statutory holidays.

Documentation Edits and Proof-reading

Your purchase includes the opportunity to provide input and editing suggestions after receiving your document(s). If you decide to go in a different direction than what was agreed upon initially and substantially alter your resume or cover letter, this will be considered a new document and additional charges may apply.  

Also, once your document(s) are sent to you, you must proof-read of your documents and notify Career Story if there is any missing information or inaccuracies.  Career Story or Kristin Vandegriend is not responsible for inaccurate or missed information during the client proof-reading stage.

Appointment Scheduling

Your appointment times have been reserved specifically for you. If you need to reschedule one of our meetings, we request 24 hours notice.  If you cancel or reschedule our meeting with less than 24-hours notice, we charge $50 for the missed appointment.


Payment is required prior to commencing writing or attending a coaching session.  Payment is accepted via PayPal (a 3.75% processing fee applies for PayPal) or by Interac eTransfer.

Liability Disclaimer

Career Story and Kristin Vandegriend trust that information you provide is accurate and truthful. They are not held responsible should you provide false or misleading information.

Support During Service

We want to support you in your job search or self-marketing process. Our job search packages come with unlimited access to ask questions related to your job search or marketing efforts for the duration that we work together. However, if you ask for substantial support beyond the package you purchased, we charge $40/hour.

 Editing and Writing Services

Editing services are billed at $40/hour. If you have hired Kristin Vandegriend to edit your content, this document will not be considered a Career Story created document.

 Refund Policy

We want to make sure that you are happy with the service that you receive.  If at any point along the way you are unhappy with the service, please immediately share your feedback so that we can figure out how we can serve you better.  However, if you are unable to continue with service for any number of reasons, we do have a refund policy.  If you cancel the service during the writing process, you may be eligible for a partial refund, based on the number of hours that have already been put into the service. (Hours are billed at $40 per hour.)

Client Responsibility and Engagement

Please be a collaborative part of the process and complete any requested questionnaires and/or supply required documentation in a timely manner. You are responsible for actively managing your job search process. Career Story and Kristin Vandegriend are not responsible for job placement and cannot guarantee interviews/placements due to the many factors that impact job search such as motivation, effort, and skill level and also external impacts such as the local and global labour market.

Documentation Format

You will receive your resume in Word, PDF, and plain text format. Cover letters are completed in Word only. You must be aware that different versions of software or operating systems may result in your documentation looking different.  You may have trouble reviewing documents on Mac computers or through Google documents due to incompatible formatting.  Please notify Career Story or Kristin Vandegriend if you are using a Mac operating system or older version of Word so that the document can be created in a compatible format.  

For other content, you will receive your content in a Word document.  We do not enter LinkedIn profile information directly as LinkedIn prohibits having anyone else populate your profile.


Any personal information collected is for the purpose of setting up a client file, understanding your history/context and conducting an assessment of needs.  This information may be used to create job search documentation (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) or may be used in our work together through career coaching.  It may also be used to analyze trends to inform marketing strategies. We will not share your information with a third party. 

When you agree to a service with Career Story, we assume you consent to our collection of relevant information to build your documents or provide coaching.  If you sign up for our newsletter, you are committing to receive regular emails. We use a double opt-in feature to ensure that you are receiving emails that you want! This website uses Google Analytics to collect visitor data and analyze traffic on our site. This information helps us understand customer interests and improve our website. 

If you require a more comprehensive version of our privacy policy, please contact us.


All information that you share will be kept confidential. The only reasons we will break confidentiality would be if there is a concern for the safety of a child or vulnerable person, if we have concern for your well-being or the safety of another person or if legally required.

For marketing purposes, we sometimes share anonymized versions of completed resumes, cover letters, or LinkedIn profiles on our website or through social media.  You may also be asked to share a testimonial via LinkedIn, Yelp, Google Business, or on our website.