As parents, we want the best for our children, including a career occupation that will bring them satisfaction and security. It can be difficult to watch your child struggle with making a choice or drift along without a focus. And the reality is that the labour market is shifting and adjusting as well, meaning the reality that you faced when graduating from high school is a different reality for your child today.  As an example, it can now take about eight years from high school graduation to landing a full-time job!  And your child may have up to 17 jobs over their lifetime. 

Parents are often the key influencers in the career decision making process. Here are some resources that may be helpful in shaping the conversations that you have with your child. 

During High School 

After High School

Why Work With a Career Counsellor? 

Have you ever struggled to answer the question, “What is your child like?”  I know that I have struggled to answer this question even though I am closely interacting with my daughter every day. I can tell you what she likes to do or what she likes to eat, but I sometimes am at a loss to accurately describe her personality. 

One of the first parts of the career development process is self-reflection and self-clarity. Working with a career counsellor can provide a new perspective on aspects of your child’s personality, values, and interests as well as give valuable information on work opportunities within the Canadian labour market. Having this knowledge can often help your child make a more informed career decision. 

We look for ways to involve parents and other support individuals in the career counselling process with the client’s permission.