Please note that I am currently only accepting new graduate (non-technical) clients for resume and cover letter writing.

resume and cover letters - $350

To find work in today’s labour market, it’s expected that you submit a well-written, polished resume which outlines your best skills, experience, training, and accomplishments.

And as resume formats have evolved over time, it’s raised the bar on what’s expected by future employers.

Unfortunately, many new graduates still rely on the resume format they started back in high school which often just doesn’t work anymore.

By having your resume professionally written, you can:

Dramatically improve your chances of being noticed in a competitive labour market.

Reduce the time it takes to land your next job, saving you a lot of money.

Avoid undue stress and headache by trying to hack it on your own.

Interview Coaching - $199

I'm your partner in the interview process. We work together to: 

  • Identify the questions where you may be giving incomplete or ineffective information.

  • Articulate your stories and strengths with confidence.

  • Strategize on responses to difficult questions like "What are your salary expectations?"

  • Pinpoint subtle changes you can make to body language, tone, or demeanor.

  • Gain customized tools and strategies to overcome your challenges