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Certification: Kristin is a Certified Resume Strategist through the Career Professionals of Canada.

Experience: Kristin has over 10 years of experience working in career development and HR.  Over the years, she has a strong track record of supporting hundreds of job seekers to find meaningful and sustainable work!

Progressive:  Kristin will work with you on developing an effective job search strategy.  She stays on top of resume trends and developments in job search practice. If you have questions about your job search, she is always open to providing guidance.    

Employer Connections:  To understand what employers are looking for, Kristin actively networks with local business owners and leaders as well as other career professionals. This is a strong benefit to you as her advice and support is based on fact.

Affordable: Choosing to invest in professionally written job search materials can be pricey.  Career Story offer competitive and affordable rates without compromising quality.

Flexibility:  Job search can be unpredictable so if you need help on a week-ends and evenings, Career Story is available.