What do you love best about your work? 


Ah, such a hard question because there's so much I love about it. But what I find the most rewarding is when I witness my clients step into a brave space where they take ownership of their careers.

I'm moved by how so many of my clients have begun to confidently tell their stories and take those small, but critical and courageous steps necessary to find a career and life that better aligns with their skills, dreams, and interests. It's a true honour to be a part of that process with them. 

What can I expect during your resume writing process? 

If you're thinking of moving forward with a resume or other job search documents, here's what the process looks like: 

  1. Career Target: We agree on what focus of your resume will be and what your career target is. 
  2. Payment: I accept payment (eTransfer) upfront once you agree to move forward with a service.
  3. Questionnaire: Once payment is received, I will put together a customized questionnaire for you. The goal of the questionnaire is to get you thinking about your accomplishments and achievements.
  4. Phone Meeting: Once you send me the questionnaire, we will chat on the phone. This meeting normally lasts about an hour. This meeting is particularly important as I want to ensure that your documents reflect you well. 
  5. Resume Completion: After our meeting, I will send your resume within 5 - 7 business days. Other documents will be completed after we have done the resume. 
  6. Editing Process:  After receiving your documents, you would identify any areas that need to be added, changed, or adjusted. Once I have received the requested changes, I adjust your documents within 2 business days. 

Do you meet face-to-face during the resume writing process? 

Writing work is normally done virtually through email and phone/ Skype/ Facetime. If you want to meet face-to-face, additional charges may apply. However, for interview preparation and career guidance, I meet face-to-face with clients at my Burnaby office. 

Is there anything else I should be aware of before starting work with you? 

Great question. In order to have a productive working relationships, it's helpful to clarify expectations from the start. I'd encourage you to read through my Terms and Conditions before engaging in a service. 

I have more questions - how do I get in touch with you? 

You're welcome to email me at kristin@careerstory.ca or call/text me at 604-614-3155.