Please note: Due to client demand, I am now not accepting any new clients until September

Find clarity and purpose in your career. 


...stuck in work that is no longer fulfilling or sustainable. 

...struggling to find creative ideas on your future career possibilities and direction

...uncertain on how to find and land new opportunities in the world of work

...feeling alone, frustrated, and overwhelmed in trying to figure this all out on your own

I want you to know something: no matter where you are at, finding work that aligns with your strengths, values, and skills is absolutely attainable.  


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You don't need to do this alone. When you're trying to find career direction, you may find that you get a lot of opinions from your friends, family or even acquaintances. And though they may mean well, it can be hard to figure out what is actually best for you. You read, you research, you talk to people and yet, you feel more confused than ever. 

I'm here to help you connect the dots, identify your career themes, and brainstorm career opportunities. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to help you organize your thoughts and ideas related to your career. Together, we work through a highly personalized, yet systematic process that will help you move forward quickly towards your bright and beautiful future. 

The Career Story Approach 

Our work together is based on your career stories. As a trained narrative career counsellor, I help you map out and prioritize your key strengths, values, and skills. From an understanding of your strengths, we then move into figuring out what career possibilities best suit you. 

I offer a two session (one hour per appointment) package for $199, with the option to add additional sessions depending on your needs.  Appointments are conveniently offered remotely through Skype or FaceTime or at my office located at 501 - 3292 Production Way, Burnaby, BC. 

If you would like more information, connect with me at or by phone at 604-614-3155.