New to Canada? Compelling Resume Advice from a Successful Immigrant Job Seeker

There is loads of advice out there on what makes a resume effective, but the best advice is from someone who has been successful in using their resume to find work!  

A few months ago, I did a resume consult with a highly educated and accomplished business professional who had recently immigrated to Canada. After arriving, she was quick to convert her CV into a resume format, condensing it from multiple pages to two pages. But when she started handing out two-page resumes, she also stopped getting phone calls for interviews. This prompted a move back to using a more comprehensive resume format with detailed information on previous work experience. Consequently, the interview calls started again and she was hired shortly after. She found that employers asked her specific questions about the past experience she had referenced in her resume. The other key to her success was providing evidence of her communication skills in her resume as this can be a concern for employers when hiring new immigrants.  

Here are four key takeaways for individuals who may be looking for their first job in Canada.

  1. Focus on providing proof of solid, quality work experience in your home country. If that takes three pages, that is fine as long as all information in the resume relates to the job posting. 
  2. Put less emphasis on your education. Unless you are a new graduate, work experience is listed first and carries more weight with Canadian employers than education. 
  3. Give evidence of your communication skills and abilities in your resume. 
  4. Keep adjusting your resume until you start to get results!

If your resume is not giving you the result that you want, it is time for a change! Consider investing in resume writing help to better spotlight and improve the way that you market yourself through your resume!  Contact Kristin today for your free 15-minute consultation at 604-614-3155 or at