Are You Using the Right Job Sites?

The very first job I applied for was at the Chilliwack Tourism Centre. I debated the merits of printing my resume on cream-coloured paper or using plain old white. I don’t remember what I decided in the end, but I remember dropping bringing my hard-copy resume off. 

Now it’s almost impossible to find a company that accepts paper resumes. It’s all about the online job boards. My clients often ask me, “What is the best online job board to use when looking for work?”

I would say that Indeed is my top pick. What is great about Indeed is that it is a job posting aggregator site. It grabs job postings from company websites and other job search sites and puts them all in one place. This makes it easy for job seekers to locate new work opportunities.

But recently, I came across a research study conducted by which identified the most functional job posting site. Their criteria included site usability, the strength of search algorithms, email features, and frequency/reliability of the postings.

What they found surprised me! Their top pick for best job site was Glassdoor. If you’re not familiar with Glassdoor, it’s a website that contains a wealth of information on companies. This site lets employees leave anonymous reviews of current or past employers. I have recommended this site to clients who needed to conduct company research. But I had not suggested it as a job board before. When I looked at the site again, I was impressed by the number and quality of postings on the site.

The runners-up for effective job posting sites were Indeed (yay!) and LinkedIn. I have definitely seen a lot more job postings through LinkedIn over the last year or so. With LinkedIn’s shiny, new interface, I suspect this networking site will continue to be a strong choice for employers looking to post jobs.

As most job seekers go directly to job sites when looking for work, using these job sites often means stiff competition. About 70% of jobs are still found through referrals or social media. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use job sites. Instead, balance your time wisely. Apply for the jobs that you are well-suited to while continuing to work on the rest of your job search strategy.   

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