What's Your Work Personality Style?

“I’m struggling in interviews to find the words to describe the ways I can add value to a new organization.”

This is a challenge that many job seekers can relate to. You know that you are good at your work. You know that you can bring value to the organization. But what to say and how to say it? 

Let’s use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to better understand how you function in a work setting based on your MBTI type. If you are not familiar with the MBTI, this assessment sorts personalities into 16 types. 

If you know your MBTI type, take a look at your two middle letters (S, N, T or F) which will represent two dichotomies. Sensing versus Intuition and Thinking versus Feeling. Haven't done the assessment? Take a look at the information below for more information.  These letters represent your core personality preferences. 

Check out if these descriptions of your core personality resonate with how you like to function in the workplace. 


Stabilizers (STs)
Motto: “Let’s be accurate and responsible.”

1.       Simplifying things
2.       Getting things done
3.       Moving one step at a time
4.       Catching and correcting mistakes
5.       Being dependable
6.       Establishing accountability
7.       Documenting procedures and information
8.       Enforcing rules and policies
9.       Providing task-orientated training


Catalysts (NFs)
Motto: “Let’s be insightful and inspiring”

1.       Reaching dreams
2.       Seeing the good in everyone
3.       Facilitating communication
4.       Rescuing groups of people
5.       Developing people’s potential
6.       Developing belief and value systems
7.       Promoting change through         relationships
8.       Being creative
9.       Providing inspirational motivation
10.      Helping people understand


Harmonizers (SFs)
Motto: “Let’s be practical and service-orientated.”

1.       Being there for others
2.       Being positive
3.       Being inclusive
4.       Getting to know others personally
5.       Being respectful, behaving properly
6.       Smoothing conflict
7.       Showing loyalty to the organization
8.       Rescuing individuals
9.       Providing comfort
10.      Creating order


Visionaries (NTs)
Motto: “Let’s be theoretical and entrepreneurial.”

1.       Utilizing competencies
2.       Challenging self and others
3.       Being an architect of the future
4.       Taking charge of change efforts
5.       Applying knowledge
6.       Motivating others by setting high standards
7.       Solving problems with long-term fixes
8.       Giving expert advice
9.       Looking at the big picture
10.      Mediating disputes.


Based on your preferred working style, what do you see as being your strengths?  What might be some weaknesses to be aware of?  

By knowing your preferred working style, you will hopefully be better able to describe some of the ways you can contribute and add value to a new organization. 

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