Help, I'm Not Using My Education.

Question: I’m not using my training – I feel like I have failed somehow.

After you put time, energy, and money into education, I can definitely see why you might feel that way.

First of all, you are not alone. Many clients that I talk to have an education that is unrelated to their current occupation. I hear stories about how career paths (or life for that matter) took unexpected twists and turns.  Sometimes for the better, but sometimes not.

There’s a quote that I love, “Luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.”  Taking your training program was your way of getting prepared for the world of work.  But we make decisions to the best of our abilities based on the information that we have at the time. We cannot know what will happen in the future. How the world will change, how technology will evolve, or what life circumstances we will find ourselves in down the road.

I am guessing that your decision to take training was well-thought out.  I am assuming that you worked hard at your education.  And I would believe that you felt proud when you graduated.

There are two ways to look at this. 

Either you can see it as a failure – a time when you made a poor decision.

Or you can view your training as an opportunity to learn from your experience.  

Did you prove to yourself that you could do it?  Did you learn how to work in groups or with a challenging classmate? Or maybe you learned how to use deductive reasoning or how to solve tough problems. It’s possible that your education also showed you what you did not enjoy.  

The challenge might be coping with the loss.  The loss of a career that never was.  The loss of how you imagined your life to be.   

In life, we have continual chances to evolve and recreate ourselves. Instead of looking back in regret, spend your time looking forward and building the career you already have. 

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