How Your Email Address Might Be Impacting Your Job Search

How Your Email Address Might Be Negatively Impacting Your Job Search.png

You need a professional email address for job search - that's a given.  The email address that might have been cute or funny at one point is not appropriate for your resume. Think something like or 

Generally, the standard of a professional email includes some type of configuration of your first and last name.

Let's say that you do have an appropriate professional email address.  Here are a few other aspects of your email address that might be impacting how an employer perceives you.

Using an Outdated Email Provider

Email providers such as Hotmail and Yahoo email have the reputation of being out-dated. They were popular 15 years ago, but now Gmail has much more functionality and usability. If you are still using a Hotmail or Yahoo account, you may seem out-of-touch with technology. Also, internet service provider email addresses (e.g. Telus or Shaw emails) are not commonly used by younger generations.

Using Someone Else’s Email Address

If you are sending out resumes, you need to include an email address that is your own. If your name as Karen Smith, but you send a resume with the email address,, you may get screened out. The employer reviewing your resume may assume one of two things. 

First, they may think that you are not technically savvy enough to manage a basic email address. For most jobs, this is a huge red flag! 

Secondly, they may think that you do not have enough motivation to do your own job search.  Even if someone is helping you with your job search, still use your own email address on your resume!

Including Part of Your Birthday

Let's say that your email address is An employer might wonder if the 67 refers to 1967, the year you were born. If your email address does contain part of your birth year, you should consider changing it. Don't give employers any reason to discriminate against you based on your age.

Not Checking Your Email Regularly

If you are looking for work, you need to check your email at least once a day. Even if you do not use email on a regular basis, it is a preferred method of communication in the business world. If an employer contacts you for an interview, you need to respond promptly. If an employer does not hear back from you within in 24 hours, they will most likely move onto other candidates. 

This is especially important if you created a separate email address for job search. It can be easy to forget to check this email address. And regularly check your junk mail folder as it is easy for emails from employers to land here.

All the best with your job search!




Kristin Vandegriend is the founder of Career Story. She loves working with clients to help them successfully transition to good work. She believes that no one should dread going to work in the morning. Her focus is supporting her clients to increase their confidence and learn how to communicate to get what they want. Connect with her at to start a conversation.