How Targeting a Resume Makes a Difference

One of the key messages that I share with clients is the importance of creating a resume that is targeted towards the work that you are applying for. Several months ago, I worked with Ben from Talentosa Productions to update his LinkedIn profile and resume.

Ben’s main interest was working as a photography producer and post-producer through his company, Talentosa Productions. He wanted a resume that would showcase his experience, skills, and abilities in this field. He worried that his current resume might not do a good job of marketing what he could offer.

Looking at Ben’s initial resume, the first thing that jumped out was his education in sciences. It raised questions in my mind about his career path. He has shared some detail about his work at Talentosa Productions, but the information is minimal and vague. Immediately, I started to think about how I could do a better job of showcasing some of his key accomplishments and experience.  And I knew that I wanted to find a way to include some of his pictures on his resume!  For the visual look, I wanted his resume to have a similar look and feel to his website which was done in a minimalist black and white format. 

Through meeting with Ben and talking about his experience, I found out about some of the interesting work and projects that he had been involved in. I wanted to make sure that experience related to photography and production was front and centre on the first page of his resume. You can also see that the first page of Ben’s resume now focuses on his photography experience and we have put education on the bottom of the second page.  The majority of the resume is focused on his photography experience along with some examples of some of his photos. 




Hopefully now, Ben will be excited to share his new resume with potential clients, knowing that it highlights his key skills, experience, education, and work samples. 

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