My Favorite Free Career Assessments

When you are trying to figure out a new career direction, assessments can be a helpful way of generating new ideas and possibilities. You want to know that your new career opportunity will be a good match for your values, interests, and personality type.

It is important to note that assessments are just one small part of making career decisions. What is often most helpful about career assessments is being able to see the various themes that come through.

VALUES ASSESSMENT: Knowing your values is a key component to making a good career decision.

PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT: This personality assessment is based on the same Jung theory as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, one of the most widely used personality assessments. Being able to identify key aspects of your personality will support you in finding work that will build on your personality strengths and attributes. or

CAREER INTERESTS ASSESSMENT: Take this assessment to identify your key occupational interests which fall into these six categories: Realistic, Investigative, Conventional, Artistic, Social, and Enterprising. You can then see lists of occupations that you may be well-suited to.

OCCUPATIONAL OPTIONS ASSESSMENT: Career Cruising is another assessment tool that will help generate career options. Langara College offers free access. Go to (Username: langara | Password: college) Once logged in, go to “Explore My Interests” and then “Matchmaker and My Skills.”  You will then need to set up a basic account. Then go through the assessment to see what career options come up for you.  You can refine the results based on the level of education you are willing to obtain.

WAGE EARNING EXPLORATION: When making a career choice, it is also important to explore what your earnings might be. Try exploring career options by wages through this link.

If you feel that you could use more support in making a career decision, contact Kristin regarding Career Story’s FIND MY CAREER DIRECTION career counselling package.