4 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Brainstorm New Career Moves

You know it is time to make a career move.

The challenge is that you are stuck for new job ideas.  

Spend a little time conducting career research on LinkedIn.  Here are a few ways that you can use LinkedIn to generate new career direction. 

1. Explore the Education Section

First of all, take your profile out of the editing mode by clicking the "View As" button under your picture. Scroll down to the education section and click on your school’s name. This brings you to the school's home page.  You can now see aggregated information on graduation outcomes and career paths.  Then use the Search box to further define what program you want more information on. 

I completed the Community Counselling certificate through Vancouver Community College.  I want to know more about where graduates from this program might end up working so I type in "counselling." I can now see a list of fields and companies where graduates work.   

What a great way to identify potential employers who may be looking for candidates with your educational background!

2. Do a Skill Analysis

Now let's explore what type of work people with similar skills to yours are doing. Scroll down to your Skills section. (Again, make sure you are not in editing mode.)  Click on one of the skill endorsements for to see further information.  You will see aggregate information on where people with the same skill work and where they got their training.

But even more helpful is that you can see profiles for people who have the same skill. Browse through a few profiles. What brought this person to this position? What type of training or education did they take?  What are their current or past roles? What organizations have they worked for?

3.  Use LinkedIn as an Occupational Search Engine

I often use LinkedIn as a search engine to research specific jobs.  It is one of the most helpful places to get information on job duties and possible career paths.  If you want more information, consider reaching out and asking for a short meeting to find out more! 

4.  Follow people and organizations

Did you know that you can follow people or organizations on LinkedIn?  If you do, their updates will appear in your newsfeed. You do not need to connect with someone to follow them. It is an easy way to stay up-to-date on industry trends and company news.